Top quality

The Flexxum folding tents have the best quality! You can choose between a steel or an aluminium frame. Aluminium is more solid and therefore more suitable for intensive use. There are also 2 options for the roof fabric: polyester or PVC light. Both can be printed. 

Folding tents

The easy-up partytent

The folding tent, also called pop up tent or easy up party tent, is easy to set up within a minute without extra material and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

This easy up party tent can be fully customised to your needs: the roof and side walls are available in various colours and can be delivered directly from stock. Furthermore, our logistics system is so flexible that we can respond very quickly to the demand for party tents and folding tents. Buy a folding tent in a size and colour that is in stock (clearly visible in the product sheet per folding tent), and the next working day the folding tent will be delivered at your home.

For years Partyspace has been investing in constant improvements in the quality of folding tents. Our folding tents have become the sturdiest and easiest to set up that you can find on the market. The frame opens and closes like an accordion, making it ideal for quickly setting up or stowing your pop-up tent. Because of its ease of use, the folding tent is also often used as a market tent or market stall tent. Folding tents are used for both private and professional purposes.

The folding tent is available in various sizes and designs:

Folding tent with aluminium frame and polyester roof: 
Folding tent 2x3Folding tent 2,5x2,5Folding tent 2,5x5Folding tent 3x3Folding tent 3x3 (compact frame)Folding tent 3x6, Folding tent 3x4,5, Folding tent 4x4Folding tent 4x6Folding tent 4x8Folding tent 5x5Folding tent hexagonal 6m

Folding tent with aluminium frame and PVC light roof: 
Folding tent 2,5x2,5Folding tent 2,5x5Folding tent 3x3Folding tent 3x4,5Folding tent 3x6Folding tent 4x4Folding tent 4x8Folding tent 5x5

Folding tent with steel frame and polyester roof:
Folding tent 3x3Folding tent 3x4,5Folding tent 3x6

Folding tents Compare

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