Casa Africa: Realisations

Be inspired by these Casa Africa realisations at home and abroad. 

Casa Africa: the story

Casa Africa, the products that transform your garden or catering establishment into a beautiful exotic paradise.

It is an innovative concept of exotic straw huts, parasols, shelters, bars, furniture, lighting and fencing in kits that you can easily put together yourself. In short, a completely new range of products that make an exotic atmosphere very affordable.

This African range is focused on outdoor design and has its origins in South Africa. Our supplier has more than twenty years of experience in roofing and renovation of exotic roofs in both resorts and recreational parks. Thanks to their wide range of exotic products, the cooperation became a reality.

With Casa Africa, we supply products made from eucalyptus and pine that have been washed, dried and treated with Tanalith E, a wood preservative. It fully complies with the European standards and is guaranteed free of arsenic. The parasols, pergolas, huts and shelters are always made with wicker or tropical palm leaves combined with natural eucalyptus.

We are convinced that we will make even more hearts beat faster with the new exotic Casa Africa range, both on the private and the professional market and in the rental sector.

Patio Canopies Compare

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