With these 4 tips, your tent will enjoy a long life

We don’t have to mention again that our tents are of top quality, but in opposition to what some people might think, even tents from top quality enjoy correct use, maintenance and cleaning. Would you like to enjoy your product for ages, the maintenance is of key importance. These 4 tips will most certainly help you get started:

1 | Correct installation of the tent

This statement doesn’t need much words, nor explanation. A tent must be installed properly when you want to enjoy your product for a long period of time. You would suppose this is evident, but you would be surprised to see how many tents are set up wrongly. In any case, we have a manual for each tent available. Just make sure you actually use it and follow the steps.

2 | Putting away your tent properly

Not only the way you use your tent is of importance, but also the way of not using your tent is important. Make sure you never put your tent away still wet or just moistures. A moistures and warm environment is the favourite for fungus, which can severely affect your tent sail. So let your tent always dry before putting it away. A third aspect is to allow ventilation in the tent while using it. Ventilation holes, windows and doors allow a breeze and make it more difficult for fungus to multiply. In conclusion: clean and rinse your tent when necessary. “How to?”, we can hear you think. Well.. just continue reading ;-)

3 | The right cleaning and protective products

Partyspace offers a range of products to clean and protect your tent. Depending on the type of tent, you choose a different product.

Using a tent shampoo and power cleaner, you clean the tent sail in a secure and thorough way. The tent protection product supports the water proof factor and helps keep your tent clean. For the PVC windows, there is a different product which increases the clarity and shine of the window. Also a brush having split and soft feathers with a long arm is indispensable.

4 | Using a ground sail

Prevention is better than curing. Avoiding the sail gets stains and gets dirty is still the best option. This is why we recommend using ground sails for bigger and more heavy tents (pagoda tents, stretch, star and sailcloth tents). This prevents the sails from becoming dirty and guarantees a more classy look.

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