Sailcloth tents

Partyspace is the exclusive European distributor of Anchor Industries' Aurora Sailcloth tent. The Sailclothtent is characterized by the white translucent roof, made of 440 g/m² vinyl with a high scrim count of 13 x 13. The tent is fully supported by stylish wooden poles that create a natural look and feel. No messing around with loops to attach the side walls, as the Aurora Sailcloth tent replaces this with an innovative and patented keder system. The side walls are simply pushed into a keder profile attached to the roof. It keeps out wind and water and sidewalls can be installed quickly and easily. In short, choosing Aurora Sailcloth means opting for quality & innovation:

Tent canvas made of translucent vinyl of 440 g / m²

Tent sails with a high scrim count of 13 x 13

Tent sails B1 / M2 European fire retardant certified

Side walls attached with innovative and patented keder system

Tent withstands wind resistance up to 145 km / h

Construction book available free of charge on request

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