Quality Inowa parasols

Inowa parasols are very qualitative, both the wooden and aluminum versions have very solid frames.

Inowa parasol

What you should know about parasols:

Cantilever parasol or traditional parasol

There are many different types of parasols. Will you choose a standing parasol or a cantilever parasol? A cantilever parasol is more flexible in most situations because you can fully tilt it, whereas a classic parasol requires less space. Another question is what the parasol should look like: do you prefer a square parasol or a round one? And in what colour? 

Partyspace has a wide range of models, sizes and colours. Our large parasols are suitable as garden umbrella, beach parasol and patio umbrella

Parasol base

Is your parasol meant to stay in one place at all times, or do you want to be able to move it easily? In the last case, it's best to choose a parasol base on wheels. It's always important that your parasol base is heavy enough. For each model we offer a suitable parasol base or you can also buy a set with a parasol and a base at once.

Maintenance of your parasol

Would you like to leave your parasol outside for a longer period of time? In that case we advise you to use a parasol cover. This will prevent abrasion and will allow you to enjoy your parasol for a longer period of time.

Buying a parasol online

Is it still difficult to choose the right parasol? Feel free to visit our showroom to discover our range of standing and cantilever parasols, parasol bases and parasol covers. If you've already made your choice, you might as well buy your parasol online. You can count on the same great service!

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