Handmade in Belgium

Bonga is a Belgium based manufacturer of quality stretch tents. Each finished tent is the result of a sophisticated production process. A dedicated team is ready every day in the workshop in Ghent to convert their craftsmanship and product and fabric knowledge into stretch tents. The result: a stretched tent of Belgian manufacture and top quality at a reasonable price. 

pole sets stretch tent

Stretch tent in detail

Thanks to the elastic canvas, the clamps and the movable poles made of aluminium or ultra-strong eucalyptus wood, you can play with the set-up of the tent.

Double coated stretch tents

The stretch tent

The stretch tent or nomad tent is the trendy tent of the moment. With a stretch tent, you can really do anything! Thanks to the stretchable fabric and the movable clamps and tensioning points, you can set up this tent as a sun canopy or giant awning, as a rain screen, as a lounge area ...

At Partyspace you'll find a wide range of stretch tents in different formats: Stretch tent double coated - triflexx

You can choose between wooden or aluminum poles to determine the look of your tent.

Stretch tents Compare

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