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The quality of the PVC party tent is excellent. The side walls are attached to the frame with bungee cords as well as to each other and to the roof  with Velcro. This ensures that the tent is completely wind and waterproof. The bolts and wing nuts provide an extra strong fastening, better than the commonly used click systems. Thanks to the galvanised tubes, the tent is also stainless. 

PVC tent Deluxe 2.0

Video: how to assemble a party tent?

This video shows you how to set up a party tent. It is a simple job that does not take much time. 

Options party tent

The available colours

The PVC party tent deluxe is available in different colours: 

The PVC party tent

Buying a party tent? We are happy to help you. The PVC party tent of Partyspace also called tube frame tent or reception tent is a quality tent that can be set up easily and relatively quickly. The tubes are galvanized and thus stainless, therefore this tent is very suitable for outdoor events. It is the ideal tent for communion parties, receptions, birthday drinks, garden parties and much more. 

There are 3 walk-through heights available, namely the standard size (Deluxe) which is 2 metres high and the professional models (Elite) which are 2.3 metres or 2.6 metres high.  The professional elite models are suitable for intensive use, as they have extra strong tubes and a ground frame. The deluxe model is more suitable for occasional use. 

The tube frame tent is immediately available. The Deluxe model is available in several colours. The Elite models are only available in white. The party tent is UV-resistant, fire-resistant and completely wind- and waterproof. 

At Partyspace we guarantee the best quality and thanks to our many years of experience we can certainly give you the best advice.  Are you looking for a different kind of tent, parts, accessories or a nice decoration for your tent. Then be sure to take a look at the rest of our website. We have a very wide range of different types of party tents and promotional material. 

The party tent is available in several sizes:

PVC party tent Deluxe 2.0:

party tent 3x3, party tent 3x4, party tent 4x4, party tent 3x6, party tent 5x5party tent 4x6, party tent 5x6, party tent 3x8, party tent 4x8, party tent 5x8, party tent 3x10party tent 4x10, party tent 5x10, party tent 6x6, party tent 6x8, party tent 5x12party tent 6x10, party tent 6x12, party tent 6x14

PVC party tent Elite 2.3:

party tent 3x4, party tent  3x6, party tent  4x6, party tent  3x8, party tent 4x8, party tent 3x10, party tent 5x8, party tent 6x6, party tent 4x10, party tent 5x10, party tent 6x8, party tent 6x10, party tent 5x12, party tent 6x12party tent 6x14, party tent 8x12

PVC party tent Elite 2.6:

party tent 4x6, party tent 4x8, party tent 6x6, party tent 4x10, party tent 5x8, party tent 5x10, party tent 6x8, party tent 5x12, party tent 6x10, party tent 6x12, party tent 6x14party tent 8x12

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