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Big news: Opening Partyspace branch in Spain

After the opening of our new branch in the Netherlands last year, we at Partyspace have a taste for it. A good six months after the official opening of Partyspace The Netherlands, we stepped up a branch in Spain too, also with local representation. With Natalia Sainz Mazariegos as a pulling force, we have now also pitched our (rather literal) tents in Málaga. Since October 2022, our Spanish branch and corresponding website have been fully operational. We already had a couple of good Spanish customers and wanted to do everything within ...

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Partyspace and Milwaukee, the nail right on the head

Good tools are half the battle. Milwaukee’s employees are like no other aware of this. The name Milwaukee might ring a bell with many craftsmen or -women. The brand, which was founded in 1924 and thus next year celebrates its 100th birthday, is the fastest growing electrical tools brand in the world and offers an enormously wide range of hand tools, accessories, personal protection gear and other tools for professionals.

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UGent and Partyspace put their heads together

Dare to think. That is the credo of Ghent University. Critical minds study, do research and work at UGent. It goes without saying that most people at any university think thoroughly about all kinds of subjects, but also thinking outside the box is an art that Ghent University has mastered like no other. With their non-ordinary but really thought out purchase, the UGent may be swimming against the current, but they can be proud of the result!

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