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How many people under your tent? Calculate it now with these tips!

It's a question customers have asked us countless times: "I'm organising a party for 50 guests. What size of tent should I buy?" While at first glance this may seem like a matter of exact science, there is not really a set calculation that determines exactly how big your tent should be. In fact, the ideal size of tent does not depend solely on the number of guests. We are happy to give you a nudge.

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Olly & Molly makes a name for itself with a personalised tent

The story of Olly & Molly can actually be considered a spin-off. Herbavita, the company from which Olly & Molly sprung, has been producing nutritional supplements for cattle, pigs and poultry for 25 years. But of course, small pets and cute four-legged friends also deserve the utmost care. Thanks to sub-brand Olly & Molly, our favourite housemates get the necessary strengthening substances and can develop better resistance in a healthy and natural way. This brand oozes love and warmth for our furry friends.

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Partyspace delivers nineteen stretch tents to Center Parcs for unique Summer hot spots

The article intro may seem a bit redundant, except perhaps to those from another planet who don’t know what Center Parcs is. In short: Center Parcs is the European market leader for nearby holidays. With its 26 Center Parcs in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France and two Sunparks in Belgium, they offer holidays in harmony with nature including a wide range of activities, restaurants and facilities, such as the water paradise Aqua Mundo.

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