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Nebrija to Dakar - Nebrija University shifts up a gear with Flexxum folding tents

The automotive and mechanical engineering area of Nebrija University created the Nebrija to Dakar project with the aim of adding an educational and technological aspect to a sporty challenge, which consists in redesigning and technologically improving a car to compete in the Dakar Rally 2023. This way, Nebrija to Dakar aims to contribute to the professional and personal development of their students, placing value on practical training as an academic format to prepare the professionals of the future of the car industry.

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A match made in summer - LOKO Events and Partyspace in full summer bloom

In the events sector, reliable partners are invaluable. At LOKO events they know that only too well, because the company is a jack of all trades and consequently works with partners of all kinds. With Bar Hazart, Louis Plancke, Korneel Cottyn and Julie Roose run an annual summer bar and under the name Nachtraven they organize one-day events. For their summer bar, which now opens its doors for the third year in a row in the Belgian town of Oostnieuwkerke, the right canopy was of primordial importance.

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How many people under your tent? Calculate it now with these tips!

It's a question customers have asked us countless times: "I'm organising a party for 50 guests. What size of tent should I buy?" While at first glance this may seem like a matter of exact science, there is not really a set calculation that determines exactly how big your tent should be. In fact, the ideal size of tent does not depend solely on the number of guests. We are happy to give you a nudge.

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