Quality of the inflatable tent

The quality of the inflatable tent is unique. The Airspace will definitely be the eye-catcher of the event. It is also light and compact, making it easy to transport. The one-pump system makes it extremely easy to set up, even by one person. 

Inflatable tents

Video: how te set up an inflatable tent?

This video shows you how to set up an inflatable tent. It is a simple job that does not take much time. 

The inflatable tent or airspace

At Partyspace we developed our own inflatable tent, the Airspace. Inflatable tents have the big advantage that they are very compact and therefore easy to transport. An Airspace of 5 by 5 metres even fits in a single backpack. In addition, they are always modern in their appearance and you can choose from numerous colours. All our inflatable structures can also be personalised by means of digital printing.

Inflatable tents Compare

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