6 reasons why our PVC party tents are more qualitative than other standard party tents

You can buy party tents almost everywhere and at first sight, they all look similar. What aspects should you pay attention to when looking for a high quality and reliable party tent? Allow us to explain in detail:

1 | Material of the sail

The roof sail and side walls of our party tents are made of a PVC of 500 g/m², while others use a very lightweight PVC of 350 gr/m² or less. In the worst case, they offer a PE fabric. The PE shreds much faster and has a much shorter life span than PVC. Additionally, PVC is much easier to maintain and keep clean.


2 | Bolts and butterfly nuts versus a tension or click system

The tubes and connections of our tents are being connected using bolts and butterfly nuts. These connections are much stronger than tubes using just a screw to put tension on the tube or use a click system. We also use M8 bolt and nut, while other standard tents use M6 bolts and nuts.

3 | Fire retardant, UV and water resistant

All our PVC party tents are fire retardant, UV resistant and water resistant. For us, there should be no question about it. However, many other manufacturers leave this behind as it is more costly to offer. Furthermore, not having this, reduces the lifetime span of the tent and its sails significantly. Always keep an eye on this if you want a qualitative product.

4 | Fixation of the side walls

Our side walls are being connected with the frame using elastic cords and additionally with a Velcro strip to one another. This way we guarantee that a well set up tent is water and wind free. Most manufacturers standardly foresee only the elastic cords. In many cases this allows wind and even sometimes rain to still get in the tent. So we resolved this problem handily.


5 | Ground frame

Many party tents do not have a ground frame. We know by experience that adding a ground frame enlarges the rigidity of the tent significantly. That’s why we choose to foresee our tents standardly with a ground frame. For the few tents where the ground frame is not included, the ground frame is available and can be purchased separately.

6 | Pegs

The standard pegs that come with the tent have 7 mm thickness, while other standard pegs are mostly only 5 mm or less. Unfortunately, pegs not having a decent thickness bend and break.

Would you like to have more information? Take a look at the PVC party tents on our website. Still doubts or questions or would you like to order? Contact us for a tailor made offer!

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