Partyspace appeals to DELY Waffles

DELY Waffles already masters the knowhow of frozen waffles like no one else for three generations. Over the years the Belgian family business, which is currently managed by Davy Van Pouck and Ellen Tournois, developed a list of world wide customers with buyers in South Africa and India, to name only two. After a previous move from Eeklo to Mouscron and a demolishing fire breakout in the factory in Mouscron in 2018, the company reopened one year later in Estaimpuis (Wallonia). Today the DELY Waffles team annually produces not less than 35 million waffles. It brings water to our mouths already!

European market leader

In the first place DELY Waffles wants to become European market leader in the frozen waffle sales, but next to that the company also wants to be a stalwart supporter on events where they can represent and empower the Belgian image. To do so, they were looking for promotools, which could also be used as sponsorship for partners or demos.

Partyspace thinks along

“A colleague had worked with Partyspace before and when I heard about the innovative approach I immediately knew Partyspace was the company we were looking for”, Davy Van Poucke, CEO at DELY Waffles, explains. “At Partyspace the entire team thinks along with the customer.”

Davy and his team chose our personalized Flexxum folding tents. “The Partyspace representative assisted us in word and deed and coordinated the ordering process perfectly. It all started with our extremely primitive drawing, which was turned into an attractive and professionally elaborated design by the inhouse graphic designer at Partyspace . Two eye-catching folding tents were the satisfying result of this process - everything went smoothly”, Davy clarifies. “We were so satisfied with the service and the quality of the products that we also purchased a personalized sunshade with the same design afterwards.”

Quality above anything

The quality of the products was of major importance for DELY Waffles, since the tents would not only be used for their company-specific professional goals but also on numerous occasions and at events. Moreover, the tents would be lended out to partners. In the meantime they were already used at events like the Night of the Season Ticket Holders in the amusement park Plopsaland, a soccer tournament in Wallonia, the Aveve Farm Run & Walk and - as you can already guess - a waffle baking event. “We didn’t want to have to worry about the tents breaking down due to the intensive use in the first place. On the other hand, it was equally important to us that the final product met the expectations we had in mind, both regarding the quality as well as the aesthetics. And the Flexxum tents perfectly did so. The Partyspace products are high quality, the team meets the deadlines and the pricing is correct, so this innovative company deserves our recommendation to the fullest”, Davy concludes with praise.

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