Olly & Molly makes a name for itself with a personalised tent

The story of Olly & Molly can actually be considered a spin-off. Herbavita, the company from which Olly & Molly sprung, has been producing nutritional supplements for cattle, pigs and poultry for 25 years. But of course, small pets and cute four-legged friends also deserve the utmost care. Thanks to sub-brand Olly & Molly, our favourite housemates get the necessary strengthening substances and can develop better resistance in a healthy and natural way. This brand oozes love and warmth for our furry friends.

A Partyspace tent in an Olly & Molly jacket

"We think the inflatable tents are the nicest on the market. The extremely high ease of use is a secondary but very useful factor that helped us make our choice," says Rachel Hurteux, marketing manager for Olly & Molly. "One of our colleagues had worked with you before and mentioned your name during a brainstorming session. Also, when we searched on Google for a partner in the area offering inflatable tents, we came across you almost immediately."

The Olly & Molly brand has not been around for very long, so awareness is still relatively limited. "To boost our visibility and awareness, we will often be present at dog events, among others. A fun tent is the ideal way to get noticed," Rachel explains. "In addition, we are very proud of the graphics for our branding and since Partyspace's inflatable tents are fully customisable, this seemed like an ideal product to highlight our brand. We could fully retain the look and feel of our brand and immerse the tent in an Olly & Molly bath."

Deadlines met

The tent had to be ready for The Dog Festival by the Sea, the first event at which it would be used. Despite the necessary time pressure, everything went smoothly. "Lore was our point of contact at Partyspace. She provided us with advice and assistance. She communicates quickly and clearly. Also thanks to her, we can call the cooperation very pleasant."

Passing baptism of fire

Needless to say, Olly & Molly's animal lovers are happy with the result. "From the fine reactions we get about our tent, it appears that not only we are very delighted with this new addition. We are also attracting the attention of our customers and interested passers-by. That's exactly why we purchased the tent," Rachel concludes. "At our first event by the sea, unfortunately there was a lot of wind and it was raining cats and dogs! So the tent was thoroughly tested right from the start when it was put into use. Thanks to its high quality, we were still able to make it a successful event."

We like to sum it up succinctly as follows: an enjoyable collaboration with a unique result that will undoubtedly inspire other customers.

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