Tarpaulin 6 x 10 m | To protect Flexxer stretch tent canvas during set-up

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Tarpaulin 6 x 10 m - Flexxer stretch tents

Avoid stains on the inside of your Flexxer stretch tent and use a tarpaulin to protect the tent cloth while mounting the tent and taking it down.

The tarpaulin has aluminium eyelets (with a diameter of 12 mm) every meter, which makes it easy to attach the tarpaulin to the ground, so it is not blown away by the wind. It is made of Multi Tarp of 60 g/m².

This set contains 1 tarpaulin for mounting/dismounting a Flexxer stretch tent (4,2 x 4,2 m, 6,35 x 6,35 m, 8,5 x 8,5 m & 10 x 10 m).


  • Material cloth: PE
  • Info material cloth: Multi Tarp
  • Weight of fabric: 60 g
  • Length: 1000 cm
  • Width: 600 cm
  • Surface: 60 m²
  • Article code: SETPROCOVFLX


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