Sailcloth tent 14x32m - Passage height 2,44m

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Partyspace is the exclusive European reseller of the Aurora Sailcloth tent of Anchor Industries

Aurora sailclothtent | 14 x 32 m

The roof is made of translucent vinyl of 440 g/m² (the strongest of its kind), which makes the roof cloth extremely strong without denigrating the workability while mounting the tent. The cloths are easily transportable by hand. All cloths are B1 / M2 European certified regarding fire-resistancy. The tent can withstand wind velocities up to 145 km/h

To close the tent you can choose from closed side walls (of translucent vinyl) or side walls with a panoramic window (transparant vinyl). Closed side walls may come in handy if you want to hide the catering outside the tent from the guests celebrating inside.

The loops to install the side walls are replaced by an innovative and patented keder system, that only has advantages. In the first place, it makes sure no wind or water can enter between the roof cloth and side walls. The roof and side walls are seamlessly connected to one another. Moreover, the mounting time of the tent is decreased significantly thanks to the keder system. The side wall is slid into the keder profile that is attached to the roof and you’re done. No need to waste time struggling with clumsy loops. All side walls can be rolled up and fastened to the upper part with an easy click system, so the guests can easily enter and leave the tent.

The tent is fully supported by stylish wooden poles that create a natural look and feel. In order to install the tent in a safe and correct way, you can purchase a building book. The tent has a clearance of 2.40 meter. This height guarantees that the guests can pass by comfortably, also when the side walls are rolled up.

The set consists of 5 roof parts, 4 flags with mast, 26 wooden side poles (2.44 m), 4 wooden middle poles (6.70 m), pegs, storm belts, installation equipment and keder rails to install the side walls. You can compose the side wall set yourself, choosing between panoramic and/or closed side walls.


  • Size: 14x32
  • Material structure: Pinewood (glued)
  • Diameter tubes: Octogonal
  • Material cloth: Vinyl
  • Info material cloth: 440 g/m²
  • Length: 3200 cm
  • Width: 1400 cm
  • Surface: 448 m²
  • Walk through height: 244 cm
  • Article code: AUR1432DH244

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