Tear-Aid Repair set PVC B

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Tear-Aid repair set - type B

The type B Tear-Aid repair set can be used for:

- Pagoda tents, PVC party tents and lightweight PVC folding tents
- the inner side of unprinted polyester roofs (the PVC coating side)

The Tear-Aid set contains a 7.6 x 30 cm roll along with a manual and alcohol wipes for cleaning the torn surface.

The type B Tear-Aid repair set is suitable for PVC/vinyl and products with a PVC coating. These materials are often used to produce plastic windows, lorry tarpaulins, inflatable pools, pond liner, nautical products, waterbeds, outdoor tents and many other products that are made to waterproof the insides.

Repairing PVC and vinyl is a breeze from now on: stick it on, press it and wait for the result. Type B has 90% immediate adhesive strength and 100% adhesion after 24 hours.


  • Material cloth: For PVC
  • Weight: 0.2 kg
  • Article code: TARSB


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