PVC party tent 5x12m Deluxe 2.0

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PVC party tent 5x12 m - Deluxe 2.0

This Deluxe party tent of 5x12 m is extremely sturdy, because it consists of galvanized steel tubes with a diameter of 38 mm and a wall thickness of 1.1 mm. The tubes are connected with bolts and wing nuts (M8) instead of a less qualitative click or clasp system. The tubes are galvanized and thus stainless. The included manual makes sure you can set up the tent easily and relatively quickly. The clearance is 2.00 meter.

The roof is made of 500 g/m² PVC. This material can be compared with truck sails and is thus not only very sturdy, but also UV resistant, fire resistant (with certificate) and fully waterproof. This professional party tent includes detachable side walls with extra big windows. Our party tent is unique because the side walls are attached to the frame with bungee cords as well as to the flaps of the roof with velcro, which assures a 100% waterproof tent. This flaps cover the legs of the party tent. Our tents are unique because these flaps are also attached to the side walls.

The end walls (front and back) have entrances; these close on the left and right with velcro strips and can also be rolled up and fastened at the top. The front wall has a wide door opening, the back wall a small one. This party tent is available in a wide range of colours and colour combinations.

The Deluxe party tents up to five meter wide do not include ground bars, but for these tents ground bars are separately available. From personal experience we know that it is better to provide ground bars for tents from six meter wide on. Therefore, we choose to always include ground bars with six meter wide and wider tents. Spare parts are also available.

Also discover our party tents with tubular frame that include ground bars, have stronger tubes and are a bit higher. We offer both a version with passage height 2,3 m and a version with passage height 2,6 m


  • Bolts and nuts (M8) instead of a click or clasp system
  • Reinforced pegs (diameter 7mm)
  • Stainless steel
  • UV resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof


  • Wide range of colours
  • Clearance: 2.0 m
  • Ground bars seperately available (up to 5 m wide) and included (from 6 m on).


  • Size: 5x12 m
  • Material structure: Steel
  • Diameter tubes: 38 mm Ø / 42 mm Ø
  • Wall thickness tubes: 1,1 mm / 1,2 mm
  • Material cloth: PVC
  • Weight of fabric: ca. 500 g/m²
  • Length: 1200 cm
  • Width: 500 cm
  • Surface: 60 m²
  • Walk through height: 200 cm
  • Number of persons standing - from: 60
  • Maximum people standing: 80
  • Number of persons sitting - from : 40
  • Maximum people sitting: 46
  • Weight: 183 kg
  • Article code: MARQ512CP


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