Bonbo Pagoda keder wooden pole with PANORAMA roof - incl sidewalls - 4x4m

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Pagoda tent with panoramic roof and wooden poles with side walls - 4 x 4 metres


The frame of this Bonbo pagoda tent consists of wooden poles with a diameter of 63.5 mm. The wooden poles are made of tough ash wood. At Partyspace we offer the keder version: slots have been cut into the wooden poles, into which the supplied side walls slide. No more ugly, annoying loops! The side walls slide into the tubes and provide a sturdy and stylish pagoda. Moreover, the tent is completely windproof.

The horizontal poles consist of 3 parts each, so that the pole cannot bend. On the outside there are 500 mm poles and in the middle there is a 2770 mm pole. They are attached to each other with stainless steel connecting rods. With extremely high relative humidity, it is possible that the ash wood will expand and pinch in the aluminium profiles. This has been taken into account during production and a tolerance of approximately 2% has been provided. In extreme circumstances, this can still go wrong; putting the pole inside overnight should be enough to release the connections. The central pole is also made of wood and has a flag holder at the top and a metal protection strip at the bottom.

The wooden poles have not yet been treated. We recommend treating the wooden poles with a matt and colourless wood saturator to prevent colour fading and cracking. However, if the poles are stored dry and in a well-ventilated area after use, the wood will not be affected immediately. Avoid at all times, but especially with untreated wood, that the wood is stored moist in a poorly ventilated area.

Roof & side walls

The PVC roof of this pagoda tent is almost entirely panoramic - only the top and the bottom of the roof are non-transparent, which is necessary to ensure the strength of the roof. With a panoramic roof fabric, it is easy to let natural light into the pagoda tent or to gaze at the stars at night.

The sidewalls and the roof are made of coated 820 g/m² PVC/PES fabric. This ultra-strong material is waterproof. The pagoda sail is fungus resistant and with the M2 fire safety certificate it conforms to very strict European standards. The tent can therefore be left outside permanently. 

All included side walls have a zipper in the middle, two of the four side walls have windows. 

Set up

It takes between 45 and 60 minutes to set up this pagoda tent with two to three people. Pegs, muskets, tension pulleys and cables for anchoring are also included.


  • Size: 4x4 m
  • Material structure: Ash wood
  • Diameter tubes: 63,5 mm Ø
  • Material cloth: PVC
  • Info material cloth: Blockout - 0,60 mm
  • Weight of fabric: 820 g/m²
  • Length: 400 cm
  • Width: 400 cm
  • Surface: 16 m²
  • Height: 420 cm
  • Walk through height: 250 cm
  • Number of persons standing - from: 16
  • Maximum people standing: 22
  • Number of persons sitting - from : 11
  • Maximum people sitting: 13
  • Weight: 174 kg
  • Article code: PAGK44RWDPA


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