UGent and Partyspace put their heads together

Dare to think. That is the credo of Ghent University. Critical minds study, do research and work at UGent. It goes without saying that most people at any university think thoroughly about all kinds of subjects, but also thinking outside the box is an art that Ghent University has mastered like no other. With their non-ordinary but really thought out purchase, the UGent may be swimming against the current, but they can be proud of the result!

The department at UGent that takes care of students and their wellbeing wanted to create extra space for students that went to have a meal at one of the many student restaurants and cafeterias during covid times. Because of the social distancing and the measures to restrict the propagation of the virus less students could take place there. The UGent was in need of a temporary shelter so that students could enjoy their meal outside, even in rainy weather. Also on warm summer days, the tent would offer a welcome spot to chill or to cool down.

“Via an internal search at UGent, we bumped into Partyspace. One of our employees already purchased tents with Partyspace and also our communication department and some of the student managers already collaborated with Partyspace”, explains Christiaan Schuddings, coordinator for the student restaurants and cafeterias of Ghent University.

“We were looking for a simple and fast solution with a good price-quality rate. Moreover, the tent had to be installed relatively quickly. Partyspace’s range of products is very wide, but thanks to the professional support we ended up choosing a stretch tent. This type of tent holds its own perfectly, also in heavier weather conditions. Reflecting about it afterwards, we could not have made a better choice, because a stretch tent is a durable solution.”

For the installation of the tents Partyspace collaborates with external partners that often operate in rental services and thus know how to handle the tents. “We made use of this extra service and one of Partyspace’s partners offered professional support and gave us some tips and tricks to build up the tents and to break them down several months later”, Christiaan enthusiastically elaborates.

“Also the communication with Partyspace was very professional. All of our questions were answered quickly and extensively. I would recommend anyone to choose Partyspace as a partner. They keep their promises and their products are top quality.”

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