Plopsa Hotel in leading role

When saying ‘Studio 100’, you also say theatre. It’s not a coincidence that the brand new Plopsa Hotel was designed fully in this theme. Not the smallest details were left over and our personalised director chairs were the crown jewel on the room design to give every visitor an exceptional visit.

Behind the scenes

Anytime soon, you will be able to extend your visit at Plopsaland with a pleasant stay at a unique location. The Plopsa Group has created the first accommodation for the theme park visitors.

And like we’re used to from Studio 100, everything was thought of! The architecture of the building is based on the architecture along the coast line. The interior refers to the 30’s and brings the Studio 100 figures together in the theatre surrounding. A logical choice, because the theatre plays an important role within the Plopsa Group.

The theme had to be visible everywhere, from the very imposing entry hall to every piece of furniture. And then Partyspace walks into the picture. The rooms are built like they're the setting of a theatre piece. Using a great decorative curtain where the public is pictured, the decoration team brought this to life. And as icing on the cake, you can take the role of director when booking an overnight stay, because in each room you can find a director chair from Partyspace.

Customisable and qualitative

Surfing the internet, Kristof Van Hove, Concept, Theming & Visualisation Investment Director at Plopsa, found the way to Partyspace. With great enthusiasm, we welcomed him a little later in our showroom to show the quality of the director chair.

It was pretty obvious that the director chair could check all boxes:

  • Price quality perfect
  • The chair has the right look and feel
  • It gives perfect seating comfort
  • The chair is fully customisable

We were given the design and the order was finished flawlessly. Kristof is a happy customer and satisfied over the corporation: ‘The employees are very friendly and offer great service.’

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