Partyspace and Milwaukee, the nail right on the head

Good tools are half the battle. Milwaukee’s employees are like no other aware of this. The name Milwaukee might ring a bell with many craftsmen or -women. The brand, which was founded in 1924 and thus next year celebrates its 100th birthday, is the fastest growing electrical tools brand in the world and offers an enormously wide range of hand tools, accessories, personal protection gear and other tools for professionals.

“Nothing but heavy duty”

To market and highlight their products, salespeople at Milwaukee were looking for promotional materials. After all, promotional tools are essential for a brand image that is as qualitative as the products that it offers. So Techtronic Industries (TTI), Milwaukee's parent company, started looking for a partner whom it could turn to for such promotional material. There was one important requirement: the slogan "Nothing but heavy duty" also had to apply to the material they purchased. Top quality and good service were therefore paramount. Partyspace met all expectations one by one.


Personalized promo tools

Milwaukee wanted both their products and their image to be high-profile and in support of their brand perception. To that end, they knocked on Partyspace's door and had flags and inflatable tents printed according to their requirements. "The tents and flags are completely Milwaukee-styled as they are printed with the logo and corresponding slogan. As a result, they fit perfectly with the products we sell, radiate what we stand for as a brand and their design is completely in line with our brand identity, our other material and, for example, our demo trucks and jeeps," Felix Declercq, national account manager at TTI and responsible for the Milwaukee brand, clarifies.


Years of pleasant working together

"We have now been working with you for over five years, so we can say with confidence that we are extremely satisfied with the quality you deliver and with the cooperation in general," Felix adds. It's not just the products that Milwaukee is raving about, they also find the advice on purchase and after-sales service excellent. "Since we have been cooperating successfully for several years and always in a correct and pleasant manner, it goes without saying that we would highly recommend others to cooperate with Partyspace." When such praise is offered to us, the Milwaukee red almost comes to our cheeks too.

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