How many people under your tent? Calculate it now with these tips!

It's a question customers have asked us countless times: "I'm organising a party for 50 guests. What size of tent should I buy?" While at first glance this may seem like a matter of exact science, there is not really a set calculation that determines exactly how big your tent should be. In fact, the ideal size of tent does not depend solely on the number of guests. We are happy to give you a nudge.

Of course, the number of guests is the factor with the greatest influence. Although there is no fixed sum to calculate how big your tent should be, we do have some rules of thumb to help you choose the right tent.

The occasion is a second important aspect. If you are organising a reception where guests are standing all the time, you will obviously need less space than if the same people are served a five-course meal and therefore spend an entire afternoon or evening at the table.

Thirdly, you should also ask yourself whether there should be room for a dance floor, buffet or bar... It goes without saying that you will need extra space if the evening can (or will) turn into a dance party. How much extra space you then provide is logically directly proportional to the number of guests. An extra tip: for every 100-150 guests you need a bar and for every 50 guests you need a buffet.

Of course, you can also reverse the calculation if you have a tent available and are wondering how many people you can accommodate in it.

Specific example

For the sake of completeness, let's be specific: you want to organise a birthday party for 100 people. The guests will be treated to a walking dinner and can have fun on the dance floor afterwards. Count on 100 m² for the reception and add space for a dance floor if you wish. So the marquee you buy for this will best have a surface area of 130-150 m².

In short:

  • You know the number of people and want to determine the size of the tent? Multiply the number of people by 0.5 (dance party), 0.65 (ceremony), 1 (standing audience), 1.5 (seated audience) or 2 (seated audience with extra space for dance floor/buffet...).
  • You know the surface area of the tent and want to know how many people you can accommodate? Then divide the area by 0.5 (dance party), 0.65 (ceremony), 1 (standing audience), 1.5 (seated audience) or 2 (seated audience with extra space for dance floor/buffet...).

Enough maths for today. With this info in mind, you're all set for the fun part. Party on!

More questions or need some advice?

Do you have other questions or would you like more information to determine the dimensions of your tent or are you unsure about the type of tent? Send an e-mail to or call us on +32 57 360 330 (BE). Our experts will be happy to help.

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