A match made in summer - LOKO Events and Partyspace in full summer bloom

In the events sector, reliable partners are invaluable. At LOKO events they know that only too well, because the company is a jack of all trades and consequently works with partners of all kinds. With Bar Hazart, Louis Plancke, Korneel Cottyn and Julie Roose run an annual summer bar and under the name Nachtraven they organize one-day events. For their summer bar, which now opens its doors for the third year in a row in the Belgian town of Oostnieuwkerke, the right canopy was of primordial importance.

An aesthetical and practical solution

"We were looking for a canopy that not only provides protection from rain and sun, but also has an aesthetic and practical function," Louis says. "We wanted a tent that provided enough space to accommodate a large number of people and at the same time had a beautiful appearance. After thorough research and after considering several options, we came to the conclusion that a 10 x 20 meter stretch tent would fit our needs perfectly. In addition, we also opted for the classic 3 x 8 PVC party tent, which we use as a kitchen area in our summer bar," adds Julie.

Practical and elegant

Choosing a stretch tent from Partyspace turned out to be an excellent decision. The stretch tent is made of fabric with so-called sahara color, a strikingly beautiful, warm and also unique color that creates an attractive atmosphere. In addition, the trio finds the practical aspect of the eucalyptus wood poles a great added value. "The poles are extremely sturdy and durable, and they also proved to be extremely handy for attaching lights and sound boxes. This allows us to easily adapt the tent to our specific needs, such as when a band comes to perform or a DJ comes to play records," Korneel explains. "The flexibility of the setup allowed us to experiment and adapt the layout of the tent to each event."

An easy search

Louis relates the story of their quasi-effortless search for a reliable tent supplier. "We quickly ended up with Partyspace. The company has an excellent reputation in the area and is known for the quality of their products and service. We ourselves had not worked with Partyspace before, but people in our network had made purchases from Partyspace and they were very satisfied. This gave us the confidence to go into business with the company," sounds the praise.

"From the first contact we felt we had made the right choice. The communication was smooth and professional. The Partyspace team was very helpful, answered all our questions and provided tailored advice. Delivery was trouble-free and on time, allowing us to fully concentrate on preparing for our summer bar and organizing our events. Partyspace is now one of our regular suppliers. It reassures us to be able to count on a partner who supports us in successful and memorable events," completes Korneel.

We are already looking forward to doing our part to LOKO Events' successful events in the future.

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