Everest 8x12m PVC 720 g/m² incl. SPP (Door 4 m W x 4,4 m H)

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Professional 8 x 12 m storage tent - 4 m side height

Our Everest tents are made of the sturdiest and most durable materials. After all, this type of tent must be able to withstand all the elements. Storage tents are often used to protect goods that are stacked outside from wintry conditions.

This storage tent is highly sturdy thanks to its galvanised steel bars (with a diameter of 78 mm and a wall thickness of 2 mm) that are interconnected using bolts and nuts, as well as its additionally reinforced PVC canvases. This 8 x 12 m Everest storage tent has a full height of 6.30 m. Its canvases are made of 720 g/m² PVC and are fire-resistant. This tent is perfectly suitable to be left outside for longer periods of time or even all year round.

Both endwalls are fitted with an entrance of 4 m in width and 4.40 m in height with zippers as well as integrated ventilation grids in order to ensure proper air circulation and prevent moisture accumulation. 

Our Everest tents are standardly supplied with the Safety Plus Package, which consists of long storm straps and heavy pegs that vary depending on the type of surface (soft or hard) to which the tent is anchored. The supplied instruction manual contains detailed information about the force capacity of the tent and an explanation of the guarantee.


Overall dimensions

Full height

8.00 m
12.0 m
6.30 m


Inner height

Side height
Height of roof reinforcement

4.00 m
4.60 m


Dimensions front and back wall

Width door
Height door

4.00 m
4.40 m

The pictures are intended to illustrate the appearance and shape of the tent and do not always represent the exact size of the product.


  • Size: 8x12 m
  • Material structure: Steel
  • Diameter tubes: 78 mm Ø
  • Wall thickness tubes: 2 mm
  • Material cloth: PVC
  • Weight of fabric: 720 g/m²
  • Width: 12 m
  • Length: 8 m
  • Surface: 96 m²
  • Height: 6.3 m
  • Weight: 1430 kg
  • Article code: AMBEV812400


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