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Partyspace is the exclusive European distributor of Aurora Sailcloth tent by Anchor Industries.


As an industry leader in the production of commercial tents, Anchor sets the bar for quality, design and innovation thanks to rugged engineering, expert craftsmanship and decades of experience. This combination allows Ancor to produce the longest lasting tents in the industry that continue to deliver revenue long after they have paid for themselves.


Brides desiring a natural, authentic, light and intimate aesthetic have been drawn to sailcloth tents for outdoor ceremonies on beautiful summer days.

Nautical touches and a characteristic shape are often cited as key elements of the appeal, but the true essence of the allure is the luminous beauty it suffuses into an event by day and radiates to the surroundings by night.

Translucent fabric becomes more than just a canvas for the wedding planner’s art – it becomes an active and integral part of it. Bright sunlight is softened and transformed into a warm glow with an entrancing play of light and shadow from gently swaying trees. At night it turns incandescent, a gleaming beacon conveying the joyful revelry inside to the world at large. This is something different.

It’s not the majestic grandeur of a high peak Century tent that holds the most extreme elements at bay, nor is it the vanishing act of a clear top tent that lets nature stream in nearly unimpeded. It is a new category - Sheer Top Tents - tents that are dramatic yet intimate, tents that welcome nature yet transform and enhance it, tents that positively glow.

An aurora is a unique and special event that fills the sky with a spectacular glow. An Anchor Aurora makes a special event unique and fills memories with a splendid glow.


Anchor married the essence of the sailcloth tent’s appeal with renown quality and engineering expertise. The result is Aurora, a tent that enthralls a bride while providing dramatically enhanced protection and security that gives a rental company peace of mind and ecstatic clients.


This style of tent has a reputation for being appropriate only when there is no chance of inclement weather, due to lighter construction and the inability to seal the walls to the top. Research has shown this sealing problem to be the number one complaint of rental companies.


Their revolutionary, patent-pending WeatherShield wall to eave sealing technology, named a 2015 IFAI Innovation Award winner, eliminates the gaps that let in wind and rain without the need for a valance or any other visual disturbance to the characteristic clean, sharp catenary eave line. The event is protected. Happy customers. Problem solved.

The WeatherShield Rail joins the wall to the tent eave providing a wind and rain proof seal while making it faster and easier to hang walls. Walls can still be rolled and left in place for quick deployment.

The WeatherShield seal requires the use of Anchor WeatherShield walls; however, all Aurora tents include a wall rope to allow the use of standard tent walls. Anchor innovation improves the breed - again.


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