Airspace inflatable tent SET with printed roof - 4x4m

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4 x 4 m Airspace inflatable tent

The Airspace inflatable tent is a modern, striking promotional tent that is suitable for any professional event. The 3 x 3 m version is ideal to set up as a cosy exhibition booth or promotional stand at your event.

The tent can be inflated in no time by means of an electrical pump or battery pump. Its inflatable frame is made of extremely lightweight Dacron, making it easy to transport. The frame and roof can be rolled up compactly enough to effortlessly fit in a backpack or storage trolley. Our Airspace tents are standardly fitted with a detachable roof and rotatable sidewalls.

It is possible to have the roof and/or sidewalls of your inflatable tent printed with your logo, a fun slogan, an image – you name it – to draw immediate attention to your corporate identity.

Moreover, the Airspace tent has been designed to facilitate inflation:

OnePump system

Our pneumatic tents are equipped with the OnePump system as standard. This allows you to inflate the tent through just one valve. The valve must be closed once the tent has been inflated, since the tent does not need continuous air supply (and therefore no power supply).

Pressure gauge

The pressure gauge included with the tent can be fastened to the inflatable frame at the spot where the recommended pressure is indicated. This way, you can easily check the correct pressure during inflation. (Recommended pressure: 4 psi | 0.28 bar | 28 kPA)

Overpressure valve

The inflatable frame of the Airspace tent is standardly equipped with an overpressure valve. This valve automatically releases any surplus air, preventing the tent from exploding due to overpressure.


  • Size: 4x4 m
  • Material structure: Dacron
  • Material cloth: Polyester
  • Info material cloth: 420D
  • Weight of fabric: 270 g/m²
  • Length: 400 cm
  • Width: 400 cm
  • Surface: 16 m²
  • Height: 300 cm
  • Walk through height: 210 cm
  • Number of persons standing - from: 16
  • Maximum people standing: 22
  • Number of persons sitting - from : 11
  • Maximum people sitting: 13
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Article code: WEBPRAIRSET44



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